No news is good news, right?

Well, the summer rushed by fast as usual. The usual suspects and their usual antics were there, as the AOGC crew raised hell for 6 days in the eastern countryside. Max Darra XXI was held, and the old gods and their hunger for celebration have been sated for the time being. Pics might be delivered if someone bothers to post them somewhere, no promises on that though.

Oh, and Shadowlands release is closing in. I guess some of us even got the beta invites already, but the overall activity on WoW side of things has been non-existent for this year. If you happen to re-sub for Shadowlands, feel free to drop in and say hi to the old crew.



With epic we mean mostly drunken and crazy. Tanks falling asleep on breaks. People going into a bar during molten core clear. Warlocks exploding like fireworks after ripping aggro on giants. Endless DPS races among rogues and mages. Always blaming the healers, never waiting for 5 sunders. Always standing in the fire.


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